Importance of Birth Registration:
Birth registration provides legal proof for identity, civil status, age, dependency status in the family and a wide variety of rights for an individual. Registration of birth and the issuing of birth certificate are interlinked events.
Registration of birth is very important for obtaining the birth certificate. The RBD act clearly specifies that the registrars in the local bodies are required to issue the birth certificate free of charge, on births reported with in 21 days of occurrence.
The birth certificate is significant for an individual for personal identification and protection as indicated in the table.
Importance of Death Registration:
Proof of death is important for relieving an individual from legal, social and financial obligations. It will be essential for his family members to enjoy the inheritance of property and closing the statutory obligations.
Death certificate is crucial in proving the “circumstances of death” in the case of accident, murder and also on availing the benefits of Life Insurance Corporation and other financial schemes.
The death certificate is mandatory for availing benefits like dying in harness, family pension and on relieving a person from the muster roll